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I grew up on Shakespeare and musicals, so what was I to make of Something Rotten!, the hit musical that mercilessly lampoons both? Love it for its origins or hate it for its irreverence? Having missed.

Andrew Barth Feldman – Evan Hansen. Broadway debut! 2018 Roger Rees Award and National High School Musical Theatre Award (Jimmy Award) Winner. Grateful for everyone who taught me something, believed in me, and all of the overlap.

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“Something Rotten,” currently on the Centennial Hall stage, pays exhausting homage to nearly every musical ever written. The overly silly play takes us back to Shakespeare’s time. Nick Bottom and his.

With 10 Tony nominations including Best Musical, Something Rotten! is a "fresh, irreverent and hysterical" musical (Associated Press) coming to the Harris Center for five performances. Set in 1595,

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Presented by OPAS at Texas A&M University, the 10-time Tony Award nominated musical Something Rotten! will be in Rudder Auditorium on Saturday, February 23 (7:30 PM) and Sunday, February 24 (3:00 PM).

Yes, this could work in the Bottoms’ favor. Written by real-life brothers Wayne and Karey Kirkpatrick, Something Rotten! is a musical about low-rent dreamers, the works of Shakespeare and the.

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NEW YORK (AP) — William Shakespeare is heading back to Broadway — but this time he’ll be mocked in a musical. Tony-winning producer Kevin McCollum said Tuesday that the sweet and goofy new show.

Now, that something special is “Something Rotten!,” a deliriously entertaining new musical comedy that is devilishly clever under its goofy exterior. The influences are clear: “The Producers,”.

Something Rotten is basically the theatre community’s most public. and a need for revenge keep Shakespeare’s favorite themes alive in 1950’s middle America. Somewhere between a musical, a cabaret.

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NEW YORK — William Shakespeare is heading back to Broadway — but this time he’ll be mocked in a musical. Tony-winning producer Kevin McCollum said Tuesday that the sweet and goofy new show "Something.

Embrace the exclamation point. Trust it. Give yourself over to it. Something Rotten!, the intoxicating new musical at the St. James Theatre, revels in its silliness so engagingly that exclamation.

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NEW YORK (AP) — William Shakespeare is heading back to Broadway — but this time he’ll be mocked in a musical. Tony-winning producer Kevin McCollum said Tuesday that the sweet and goofy new show.

An IU alumna will return to Bloomington to perform at 8 p.m. Feb. 27 and 28 when the original musical comedy “Something Rotten!” comes to the IU Auditorium. Abby Bartish, 26, graduated from IU in 2015.

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Brian d’Arcy James plays a struggling theater artist going up against Christian Borle’s rock-star Shakespeare in this cheeky musical comedy set in Elizabethan England.

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the success films Arn and the musical artist Patrik Martinsson with roles in eg. Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon and most recent as Shakespeare in Something Rotten et al. In Robin Hood -The.

Theater fans won’t go wrong securing a ticket to "Something Rotten." The musical comedy continues through July 23 at The Oriental Theatre in Chicago. The show tells the tale of Nick and Nigel Bottom,

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With 10 Tony nominations including Best Musical, SOMETHING ROTTEN! is a shamelessly silly parody of Broadway musicals – an outrageous spoof of all things Shakespeare. A Hawaii Premier. Set in the ’90s.

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His turn as Shakespeare in Something Rotten! garnered him both Tony and Drama Desk Awards for Best Featured Actor in a Musical, as well as a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play as Black.

Something Rotten!’ a high-energy, irreverent, crowd-pleasing musical mess Irreverent, anachronistic and fast-paced, ‘Something Rotten!’ at the Marcus Center imagines two rivals of Shakespeare.

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More than reviews or word of mouth or the cheeky ads and poster art, what’s really going to sell “Something Rotten!” is “A Musical,” the production number from the first act that (educated guess) they.

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