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I love playing that music loud and drunk. I’m a big fan of Northern soul. After complaining of not being able to hear stuff I like going to dance clubs, I decided to do it myself. It’s been a lot of.

Northern Soul is her film: she wrote it. She realised that they would have to teach not only the main actors but also hundreds of extras to dance to the music – and to genuinely love it. So she set.

The first real “Northern Soul” venue is believed to have been the Twisted Wheel club in Manchester, although the music played didn’t pick up. all crowded together dancing on one big dancefloor.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, dance floors in Northern England. as the Northern Soul movement took hold. The new film SoulBoy brings it all back to life with a story of a teenager from Stoke.

Northern Soul attracts. as well as dance halls and nightclubs in venues you wouldn’t normally associate with popular music and dance such as Wigan, Blackpool and Stoke-on-Trent. Its style took.

Julian Peterson will be performing tonight, August 29, at Northern Soul in Hoboken. He’s as comfortable playing to a crowded club full of dancing hipsters as he was providing elegant dinner music.

or any of the music and style genres arriving on the scene. It wasn’t until a new generation of young people grew up and finally kicked Northern Soul off the dance floors and out of the clubs around.

The beautiful listed building boasts a giant wooden floor, perfect for Northern Soul and Mod-style dancing, with an elegant balcony for those who would prefer to just relax and enjoy the dancing below.

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So when he started his own all-45s DJ night in New York City, he brought out something different than sweet Northern soul or slo-mo. When there’s nobody dancing for the first hour like last night,

Just the music. Kickstarting the all nighter experience later replicated. Housed in a two-CD and DVD box set, Northern Soul: The Film Soundtrack represents a treasure trove of lost classics from.

Traces of Northern Soul and Southern R&B slip. is a big student of a lot of the traditional soul stuff,” Lupetin says. “I also like early No Doubt, who made some of my favorite music growing up.

We got a special selection of images from Lost in Music, an upcoming photography exhibition that charts the history of dance music and club culture. Looking back at the most British of subcultures.

this coming-of-age drama brilliantly captures the amphetamine-fuelled energy and sweat-soaked passion of northern England’s 1970s soul music subculture and, while the story runs along familiar grooves.

Pete Waterman examines what makes Northern Soul so all-consuming for the devoted fan and introduces the uninitiated to this intoxicating mix of music and dance. Show more Pete Waterman looks at.

To the uninitiated, Block9 is Glastonbury Festival’s late dancing area. Like Shangri-La. Smokin Jo and Wes Baggaley alongside Deptford Northern Soul Club and Berlin’s Discosodoma. And Jonny Woo’s.

British comedian and actor Steve Coogan is set to return to big screen music roles. sales for Northern Soul. Production is set to begin in early June in Northern England. The film will shoot in.

. scene stayed such an enigmatic and barrier-breaking catalyst for the influx of black American music that would follow in its wake. As Northern Soul evolved, DJS like Ian Levine and Colin Curtis at.

14A With its electric dance scenes and loving attention to every detail of ’70s style, photographer Elaine Constantine writes and directs a passionate ode to Britain’s gritty Northern Soul music.

"It was quite an experience to see these young men liberated when they were dancing. They were not intimidated, there was no irony, no self-consciousness, they were just locked into the records. There.

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